Advice to parents

Does my child have to wear a helmet?
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for all children.
Can I register my child to start on Tuesday?
Beginners must attend the first lesson, i.e. Sunday or Monday at the latest.
No registration is possible to start on Tuesday.
We are a family of 4, is it better to buy the ski passes with the esf or directly at the lifts?
We advise you to buy your passes at the ticket office or on where you can benefit from a 10% discount on all 6 consecutive day passes.
Check the 2021/2022 prices here
I want to ski with my child outside of ski lessons, what advice would you give me?
Try to go on suitable slopes and to adapt your speed. Avoid skiing too long, children need to be in shape to make the most of their ski lessons and make progress.
Have I got everything right before the first day of group lessons?
In order for your children to get the most out of their class, they must:
- have their lesson card with them (suitable for their level)
- Check the group lesson board in front of the esf to find out the name of the instructor
- Show up on time at the start of the lessons, in front of the sign corresponding to the level and the name of the instructor 
- Put on a numbered bib, available in the blue box in front of the level sign 
A lesson card is not needed, the instructor will have a list and take the register to see if everyone is present.
For club piou-piou and Ourson lessons, we advise you not to stay in the area of the lessons.
The temptation to stay and watch your child during the lessons is great but the instructors need children's full attention in order to accompany them in their first steps.
We advise you to stand aside as soon as the lessons start.
The adaptation to this new environment is the perfect time to establish a trusting relationship between children and the instructor.