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Private Lessons

For those from the age of 18 years old...

Whether you are on your own, wishing to spend some time with your family, or just want to discover another adventure with some friends, reserve and enjoy the private lesson option offered by our qualified instructors.
Completely made to measure, the Private Lesson option ensures that the time you spend with your instructor is adapted to your wants, your needs, your development. This type of lesson is the perfect choice for those just starting out, or for those who have a specific part of their technique that they wish to perfect, or just for helping you remember and improve upon what you already know. This option is available for one or two hours, and at allocated different times throughout the day.

During the personalised private lesson(s) given, the Combloux French Ski School's attentive and professional instructors will talk to you about and show you how you can develop further in your chosen snow sport, or help you with the basics if you're just starting out, all the while ensuring that you do so with confidence.


private lesson prices

1 or 2 people3 OR 4 PEOPLE 
1 x 1 hour long lesson45,00 €54,00 €
1 x 2 hour long lesson 90,00 €108,00 €

during the french holidays period

From 23/12/2018 to 05/01/2019 and From 10/02/2019 to 09/03/2019
1 Hour8h30-9h309h30-10h30
2 hour8h30-10h3014h00-16h00*
*available offer only From 23/12/2018 to 05/01/2019

between the french holidays period

From 06/01/2018 to 09/02/2019 an From 10/03/2019 to 30/03/2019
1 Hour9h00 - 10h0010h00 - 11h00
11h00 - 12h0012h30 - 13h30
13h00 - 14h0014h00 - 15h00
15h00 - 16h0016h00 - 17h00*
2 hour9h30 - 11h3011h30-13h30
13h00 - 15h0014h00 - 16h00
*available offer only From 06/01/2018 to 09/02/2019

Online booking

5 or 6 cours pack

private lesson 
For 1 or 2 person

6 x 1 hour cours - from Sunday to Friday or from Monday to saturday270.00 €
5 x 1 hour cours - from Monday to Friday225.00€
6 x 2 hour cours - from Sunday to Friday or from Monday to saturday540.00€
5 x 2 hour cours - from Monday to Friday450.00 €

private lesson 
For 3 or 4 person

6 x 1 hour cours - from Sunday to Friday or from Monday to saturday324.00 €
5 x 1 hour cours - from Monday to Friday270.00 €
6 x 2 hour cours - from Sunday to Friday or from Monday to saturday648.00 €
5 x 2 hour cours - from Monday to Friday540.00 €

A la carte

Customised lessons for all levels and ages

Request and quote online
Do you want private lessons à la carte? Formulate your request!
One day, a schedule, an activity, make your request, our teams will do their utmost to give you satisfaction
Please note that in order for all of the students to benefit from the instructor, they must be of a similar ability level, or else the instructor will be obligated to focus on the weakest student.
 Any lesson not cancelled at least the day before must be paid for.

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