compEtition CourseS


Competition Course

Only available during the Christmas and February half-term holidays

The Competition Course is all about your child's performance skiing, with our qualified instructors helping them advance through the different levels, from Fléchette to the Golden Chamois, in a safe and sporty environment. (Lessons given in French)
This style of lesson helps your child helps your child hone their technique by including regular practice slalom sessions,
as well as skiing sessions through all types of snow, all over the ski area of "Les Portes du Mont Blanc".

Two possible levels
  • Level 1 : must hold either a Fléchette or Flèche de Bronze medal upon inscription.
  • Level 2 : must hold either a Flèche d'Argent or Flèche de Vermeil medal upon inscription.
Christmas holidays
From Sunday to Friday
From 1pm until 4pm
From Sunday to Friday
From 1pm until 4pm

competition course pricesFrom Sunday until Friday

      PriceTo reserve
6 x 3 hour long afternoon lessons230 €
Each pupil is automatically signed up for the week's slalom tests
upon confirmation of their competition course inscription.
(For  both the Flèche slalom and the Chamois slalom)